Terms and Conditions

  1. By providing his/her details, customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the Bank as listed here
  2. Bank shall not be liable for any connectivity/ signal/data issues leading to non-compliance or false/incomplete information being provided by the customer leading to the incompletion of his/her application
  3. Customer agrees that the name in the account will be the customer name as per his/her Aadhaar card
  4. Customer herewith agrees that customer has not opened nor will open any other OTP e-KYC based account with Fincare Small Finance Bank or any other Bank.
  5. If opened through UIDAI based OTP, it will be limited KYC account and you will be deemed a limited KYC customer (your unique customer number will be tagged as a limited KYC customer number). For limited KYC customers, the aggregate balance of all deposit accounts linked to any such customer should not exceed INR 1 Lakh. Similarly, the aggregate of all credits linked to accounts mapped to any such customer shall not exceed INR 2 Lakhs. Also, if such customer wishes to avail a term loan, the term loan(s) cannot exceed INR 60,000 in a year. These limits shall be placed for such a customer till full KYC is done.
  6. The monthly Average Minimum Balance (AMB) to be maintained for the 101 First Account is zero
  7. The customer herewith agrees to complete his/her full KYC by visiting the nearest Fincare Small Finance Bank/requesting a visit from the bank representative and providing biometric details within 12 months of opening such an account
  8. The customer agrees that failure to complete full KYC within 12 months will lead to his account being closed by the bank. He/ She can proceed to withdraw funds/ use his/her account for any transaction only upon completion of full KYC
  9. The 101 Account opening process is not available for customers who are FATCA reportable
  10. This application is available for opening a savings account by Resident Indian individuals only
  11. The customer agrees that such an account will be subject to regular scrutiny and that the bank shall reserve the right to completely freeze/debit freeze/ close the account at its sole discretion
  12. If I fail to provide full KYC for any reason, customer understands and agrees that the bank reserves the right to close the account and the customer will have to contact the branch withdrawing any leftover amount in his/her account.
  13. Under these Terms & Conditions, the customer hereby provides consent and understands that part or full information may be shared with select partners to enable the provision of offers, discounts, etc. that the customer is eligible for.
  14. It is expected that during the launch phase the Bank may take three months or such other reasonable period to enable customers to become Full KYC and remove restrictions on their account(s). The geography at which the customer is located will determine the ability for the bank to enable the customers to become Full KYC. In case of urgency the customers may visit a Bank Branch as listed on our website along with original Aadhaar card to become Full KYC.
  15. With respect to Fixed deposits, if Full-KYC is not submitted to Bank within 12 months, FDs will be prematurely closed subject to penal interest clause as per banks policy and the balance along with SB account balance will be sent by way of Demand draft to customer's communication address as mentioned in bank records.